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Amazon SNS invokes your function asynchronously with an event that contains a message and metadata.


EventVersion (String)
Event version should be 1.0
EventSubscriptionArn (String)
Event subscription arn
EventSource (String)
The AWS service from which the SNS event record originated. For SNS, this is aws:sns
Sns.SignatureVersion (String)
Version of the Amazon SNS signature used, should be 1
Sns.Timestamp (String)
The time (GMT) when the subscription confirmation was sent.
Sns.Signature (String)
Base64-encoded "SHA1withRSA" signature of the Message, MessageId, Type, Timestamp, and TopicArn values.
Sns.SigningCertUrl (String)
The URL to the certificate that was used to sign the message.
Sns.MessageId (String)
A Universally Unique Identifier, unique for each message published. For a message that Amazon SNS resends during a retry, the message ID of the original message is used.
Sns.Message (String)
A string that describes the message.
Sns.Type (String)
The type of message. For a subscription confirmation, the type is SubscriptionConfirmation.
Sns.UnsubscribeUrl (String)
A URL that you can use to unsubscribe the endpoint from this topic. If you visit this URL, Amazon SNS unsubscribes the endpoint and stops sending notifications to this endpoint.
Sns.TopicArn (String)
The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the topic that this endpoint is subscribed to.
Sns.Subject (String)
The Subject parameter specified when the notification was published to the topic.
Sns.MessageAttributes.Type (String)
The supported message attribute data types are String, String.Array, Number, and Binary.
Sns.MessageAttributes.Value (String)
The user-specified message attribute value.
Example Amazon SNS message event
  "Records": [
      "EventVersion": "1.0",
      "EventSubscriptionArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:123456789012:sns-lambda:21be56ed-a058-49f5-8c98-aedd2564c486",
      "EventSource": "aws:sns",
      "Sns": {
        "SignatureVersion": "1",
        "Timestamp": "2019-01-02T12:45:07.000Z",
        "Signature": "tcc6faL2yUC6dgZdmrwh1Y4cGa/ebXEkAi6RibDsvpi+tE/1+82j...65r==",
        "SigningCertUrl": "",
        "MessageId": "95df01b4-ee98-5cb9-9903-4c221d41eb5e",
        "Message": "Hello from SNS!",
        "MessageAttributes": {
          "Test": {
            "Type": "String",
            "Value": "TestString"
          "TestBinary": {
            "Type": "Binary",
            "Value": "TestBinary"
        "Type": "Notification",
        "UnsubscribeUrl": "",
        "TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:123456789012:sns-lambda",
        "Subject": "TestInvoke"

Generating sample events

Via AWS SAM CLI you can generate sample events

# For help run
sam local generate-event sns notification -h
# Generating a sample event with defaults
sam local generate-event sns notification

Getting the correlation id

JSON path to correlation id: Sns.MessageId




Input types for Amazon SNS events

Full handler and infrastructure code solutions


Last update: 2022-12-27